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Moog is a designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and solutions. Our high-performance systems control military and commercial aircraft, satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, missiles, industrial machinery, wind energy, marine applications, and medical equipment. 

Our world-class product lines in servo and proportional valves, servo motors and drives, servo actuators, motion systems, controllers and software, and slip rings for data and power transmission provide the highest performance for hydraulic, electric, and hybrid systems.

In Singapore, our products and solutions provide the highest performance for hydraulic, electric, and hybrid systems widely found in wind turbines, gas and steam turbines, testing and simulation, plastic packaging, steel production and other industrial machineries. In addition to the Industrial segment, our wide range of products and solutions span several other business segments and industries.

What makes us unique?

A combination of distinct capabilities that range from the design and manufacture of critical motion control components, to the ability to build and integrate entire systems. Our solutions are designed to perform in the most extreme environments and using the latest technology. As an engineering-focused organization, we are well-equipped to meet our customers' most critical precision control needs.

Markets and Capabilities

Moog has a comprehensive systems capability and proven reputation for designing, qualifying and delivering high-performance motion solutions for some of the world's most demanding applications.

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Ideas in Motion Control

From bold leaps in machine productivity to better ways of maximizing energy efficiency to breakthroughs in automotive testing controls, our newsletter entitled Ideas in Motion Control is your online technical resource covering hydraulic and electric motion control solutions across a wide variety of industries.

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